Case Studies and Feedback

  • Chloe  was in a car accident.  Nobody was hurt and at the time Chloe thought she was okay, but two years later she came to therapy after suffering with flashbacks, night mares and clear symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)..  I offered Chloe treatment using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach and we finished after 12 sessions together.
  •  James wasn’t really sure why he had come to therapy, other than “a feeling that things just aren’t right”.  He told me that he was struggling to stay in relationships, but really wanted to settle down with somebody.  We had several sessions together building up a trusting relationship and exploring things from James earlier life.  We figured out together that James’ mother and father ending their marriage when he was 9, probably had more of an impact than he thought.  After this we looked at something called “life traps” and were able to identify some patterns that James kept falling in to.  When James left therapy, he still wasn’t in a relationship. But he felt more confident that if he met somebody again, he would be much more aware of some his previous problems and was hopeful that he would fulfil his dream of getting married and having children.


  • Sarah came to therapy because she was really struggling with low mood and levels of motivation.  She would feel like bursting into tears at work for no reason at all and was getting very angry at herself, think she was “just a stupid woman”.  Through therapy, we identified several triggers that were causing Sarah to experience  overwhelming feelings of anxiety  and panic.  This led her to develop a belief that she couldn’t cope and was useless.  We learnt about where this might have come from, understood what was happening for her now and practised  techniques to manage the emotions  differently.